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World Oceans Week screening at the Rio Theatre, June 2, 2018

We had a great audience for the screening at the Rio Theatre during World Oceans Week on June 2, 2018. Many thanks to all the dedicated Dogwood volunteers who worked to make this become such a successful event.

We were honoured with the presence of Chief Bob Chamberlin, Vice President of the Union of Indian Chiefs.

Q&A after the screening of This Living Salish Sea, left to right:
-Sarama, Producer/Director, This Living Salish Sea
-Sophie Harrison Campaigns and Communications Coordinator for DogwoodBC
-Rachel Fox, Programmer and MC, the Rio Theatre, Vancouver
-Chief Bob Chamberlin, Vice President of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs

Sophie Harrison spoke to the audience about the situation, in regard to May 29, 2018, when the Trudeau Government announced the decision to purchase the Trans Mountain pipeline from Kinder Morgan. She said, “We are wasting four and a half billion dollars of taxpayer money on a sixty five year old pipeline that literally leaked, spilled, last week.” Sophie went on to outline what actions people could take to resist this decision and also reiterated that this was not yet a done deal.

Chief Bob Chamberlin spoke about the tar sands and the Trudeau Governments handling of the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion project, “We’re talking about vast tracts of Canadian land being put to waste. And what we’re watching is captured government, captured regulators; and that has painfully become aware to all of us this past week since we’ve all become kind of quasi shareholders in the Trans Mountain pipeline. And what a tragic circumstance to wake up to.”

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    1. Hi George,

      Thanks for your question.

      There was a screening in Grays Harbour, Washington on Sept. 12. The next screening is in Kirkland Washington on Sept. 21. Then there is a screening in Nelson in early Oct. If you or anyone you know would are connected with a group of people or organization that would like to host a screening in your community, please be in touch with your request and we can plan to help make it happen.

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