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Film preview and indiegogo fundraising campaign go live!

I am very pleased to announce that we’ve just made the preview for This Living Salish Sea public.

You may watch the short preview online below, or on Vimeo or YouTube. You may share and embed these video links to your sites.

This Living Salish Sea (preview) from Oceanus on Vimeo.

With the help of Beverly Saunders and Billie Carroll, from Sustainable Coast magazine, the Green Film Series, and Rhizome Up! Media, together, we have just launched a fundraising campaign at Indiegogo to raise some funds to help offset some of the production costs of making this full length feature documentary. I am contributing all of my time on this project without any remuneration, since I feel that it is crucial to protect our environment and at this time to just get this message out, and that is my absolute first consideration.

I’ve been working on this project for over a year already, and I hope to have it completed by Fall of 2014. I will be doing the best I can do examine at a more in-depth level, the important factually verifiable challenges that affect the health of our ecology here, and also those issues that are central here that have planet-wide implications.

But I want to have as one of the primary focuses to be the incredible beauty and diversity of life that we have here in our region, both in the surrounding area, but especially below the surface of the sea. I am hoping that if people come to know more of what we have here, they will be willing to protect it, before it is lost.

Please watch the preview. I hope that you will be willing to share it with your friends, family, and networks. If you are able, please consider a small donation to the Indiegogo fundraising campaign. It is important that the campaign start off with some initial momentum. All the donations will be put hard to work in direct production expenses, and also for publicity, to get the message out, since a film without any audience, is just a silent idea.

Billie Carroll has put together an informative website that I would also ask you to have a look at and share. In this space, I will be able to blog ongoing project updates, as I progress with the work. There is also a link to the Facebook page.

Facts are important, scientific information is important, and my documentary project has to grounded in those things, but people are reached through hearts, not just their heads, and my challenge is that I have to find the balance in my film to be able to do both of those things, by reaching hearts, and minds.

Thank you for your attention, for sharing and caring, and your support.

2 thoughts to “Film preview and indiegogo fundraising campaign go live!”

  1. Sarama has worked tirelessly on this film…. it is a privilege to be able to provide support for all the hard work, and encouragement for such an incredible project. The spirit to save the Salish Sea is embodied in this work; let’s continue to protect this great treasure.

    1. Thank you for that supportive comment.

      While I am putting all my creative effort into making this the best production possible, it is expensive to get out into remote parts of the Salish Sea to document the life and beauty there.

      This is where even a small donation can help in a large way by improving the production values, ie, what the viewer will see on the screen.


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