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Film Credits List

I want to thank all those who generously helped with making the film, either directly, or indirectly. Here is a list of those who contributed to make this film. I hope I have not omitted anyone!

Sarama diving at Ogden Point, Photo credit: Evan Shaler

This Living Salish Sea

Principal filming was on location in the Salish Sea basin, on the unceded territories of the Coastal First Nations.
Osiem-Thank you


Writing, Narration, Production, Direction, Cinematography and Editing


Special Thanks for Narration Assistance

Colleen Elson


Wayne Harjula


Colton Hash- Grassroots Rendering

Essential Support and Assistance

Lyonoor Lardein

Additional Cinematography

  • Robert Alstead- Productions
  • Rahman Bazlur
  • Karen S. Bowden
  • Terry L. Brown- The Amphibiographer
  • Grant Ellert
  • Garth Everett- Keepemstraight Media Services
  • Greenpeace
  • Scott Knowles
  • Lyonoor Lardein
  • Mary Miller
  • Eoghan Moriarty- Mindagape Creative
  • Roy Mulder- UW1 Digital Media Production
  • Randy Parker- Waterlogged Productions
  • Shawn Soucy
  • Bob Turner
  • Jeremy Williams- River Voices Productions
  • Lukas Zapata
  • Rebecca Ziegler
Red rock crab feeding amongst seaweeds

Additional Photography

  • Peter Battistoni
  • John Denniston
  • Lyonoor Lardein
  • Rob. W. MacDonald
  • James B. Pawley
  • C.M. Rolston
  • Don Scagel
  • Evan Shaler
  • Alan Sirulnikoff
  • Eleonore Stacha
  • Stuart Thomson
  • Niall Williams
  • Aspen Wing
Backlit kelp forest

Additional Media Resources

Canadian Government
City of Burnaby Archives
Canadian Coast Guard
Chemical Safety Board, (U.S.A.)
Earth Science & Remote Sensing Unit,
NASA Johnson Space Centre, National Academies of Sciences, (U.S.A.) National Aeronautics & Space Administration, (U.S.A) National Energy Board, Canada
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, (U.S.A.) New Westminster City Archives
Vancouver City Archives

Maps and Visualizations

Global Temperature Anomaly Visualization, Lori Perkins/NASA Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency- AMSR2 Data NASA Scientific Visualization Studio
Kinder Morgan pipelines map, Kinder Morgan
The Salish Sea Map, Stephen Frelan,
Western Washington University

Gospel Rock overlooking the Salish Sea


Eli, Eli

Written by Hana Sanesh
Arranged and Performed by Janine MacLeod

Deep River

Written and Performed by Michael Lacoste


Shi’shal’h First Nation Drummers and Singers

Deep Space

Written and Performed by Michael Lacoste


Coast Salish Drummers and Singers


Dene Drummers and Singers

Round Tower

Written and Performed by Michael Lacoste

First Flight

Written and Performed by Michael Lacoste

Around the Globe

Written and Performed by Glenn Loft with Drumming by Eddie Gardner

Ooo Yah

Written and Performed by Michael Lacoste

Future Passed

Written and Performed by Michael Lacoste

Women’s Warrior Song

Written by Martina Pierre, Sung by Megan Gerbrandt

Coast Salish Anthem

Composed by Chief Dan George Performed by Chief Ian Campbell and Coast Salish Drummers and Singers

The Blue Ocean

Written and Performed by Shie Rozow Publisher- LVOE Music Publishing Courtesy of RealCues


Written by

David J. Taylor, Simon Paradis, Kim Fontaine, Kara Stanley

Performed by David J. Taylor

Guitar Instrumental- Matthew Lovegrove

Bitumen-laden Aframax tanker passing under the CN rail bridge at the 2nd Narrows

Additional Audio

Salish Sea Hydrophone Network


Billie Carroll- Rhizome Up! Media Society, Green Film Series

Fundraising Campaign

Beverly Saunders-

Production Assistance

Evan Shaler

Boat Support

  • Tim Bartoo
  • Ric Careless
  • Fernando Ferreira
  • Brad Hornic
  • Michael C. Klein
  • Dona Reel
  • Jim Saunders
  • Evan Shaler
  • Richard C. Till
  • Ruth Walmsley
Kayak flotilla water-based protest against Kinder Morgan. Photo credit: Ruth Walmsley.

Sponsoring Funders

  • Brad Benson
  • Mikal Baker
  • Ric Careless
  • Lisa French
  • Judith Hammill
  • Takeko MacDonald
  • Robert (Don) MacDonald
  • Dona Reel
  • Dorothy Riddle
  • Arleigh Rolind
  • Suzanne Senger
  • Roger Swickis
  • Loa Thorarinson
  • Kim Tournat
Ta’ ah Amy George & Elders at the Healing Walk, 2013

Supporting Funders

  • Katie Angermeyer
  • Teresa Bigham
  • Laurie Bloom
  • Eric Bowers
  • Charles Bolyan
  • Nick Caputo
  • George Connell
  • Marina Crawford
  • Julia Currie
  • Jan DeGrass
  • Gibsons Green Team
  • Synnove Godeseth
  • Bobbie Harvey
  • Mark Hiltz
  • Tammy Hudgeon
  • LeeAnn Johnson
  • Karen McIvor
  • Gayle Neilson
  • Rick O’Neill
  • Dr. James B. Pawley
  • Melissa Rayfield
  • Judy Renouf
  • Glen Richards
  • Pia Sillem
  • Sandra Slobodian
  • George Smith
  • Karen Stein
  • Jack Stein
  • Donna Thompson
  • Marge Umezuki
  • Mary Webb
  • Lola Westell
  • Janice Williams
  • Joanna Zilsell
Octopus hiding in den.

Sponsoring Assistance

  • iTorch Canada
  • LEHR Outboards
  • Multirotorheli
  • Nanaimo Dive Outfitters

Special Thanks

  • Charlene Aleck
  • Robert Alstead
  • Clarrisa Antone
  • Sut’lut Antone
  • Scott Avery
  • Lorne Berman
  • Naomi Bothe
  • Robert Bothe
  • Stephanie Buffum
  • Grant Callegari
  • Candace Campo
  • Tamo Campos
  • Nick Caputo
  • Jesse Cardinal
  • Ric Careless
  • Rose Clarke
  • Eriel Deranger
  • Billie Carroll
  • Mel Clifton
  • Stephen Collis
  • Mayor Derek Corrigan
  • Keith Collyer
  • Pauline Collyer
  • Chief Calvin Craigan
  • Jan DeGrass
  • John Denniston
  • Sarah Doherty
  • Arlene Elliott
  • Colleen Elson
  • Dr. Wiley Evans
  • Garth Everett
  • Dr. Eoin Finn
  • Naomi Fleschhut
  • Kim Fontaine
  • Eddie Gardner
  • Megan Gerbrandt
  • Ta’ah Amy George
  • Rueben George
  • Dr. Helen Gurney-Smith
  • Judith Hammill
  • Wayne Harjula
  • Colton Hash
  • Jason Herz
  • Barbara Higgins
  • Dr. Frank James
  • LeeAnn Johnson
  • Dan Kingsbury
  • Bonnie Klein
  • Dr. Michael Klein
  • Scott Knowles
  • Gretchen M. Krampf
  • Dr. Manfred Krautter
  • Melina Laboucan-Massimo
  • Michael Lacoste
  • Lionel Lepine
  • Matthew Lovegrove
  • Dr. Rob W. MacDonald
  • Janine MacLeod
  • Elizabeth May
  • J. Markiewizc
  • M. Markiewizc
  • Alexandra Morton
  • Eoghan Moriarty
  • Wes Nahanee
  • Richard Nelson
  • Carl Olsen
  • Rick O’Neill
  • Irwin Oostindie
  • Simon Paradis
  • Kelly Patrick-Moore
  • Dr. James B. Pawley
  • Jeffrey Paleczeny
  • Keith Perreur-Lloyd
  • Grand Chief Stewart Phillip
  • Lynne Quarmby
  • Dona Reel
  • Dianne Sanford
  • Beverly Saunders
  • Jim Saunders
  • Suzanne Senger
  • Evan Shaler
  • Alan Sirulnikoff
  • Andrew Smith
  • Eleonore Stacha
  • Feodor Stacha
  • Kara Stanley
  • David J. Taylor
  • Carleen Thomas
  • John Thompson
  • Richard C. Till
  • Bob Turner
  • Tim Turner
  • Kevin Washbrook
  • Dr. Andrew Weaver
  • Christianne Wilhelmson
  • Janice Williams
  • Greg Wood
  • Hollie Wood
  • Ruth Walmsley
  • Shirley White
  • Joanna Zilsel
Alabaster nudibranch


  • Sharon Abreu
  • Marija Bresev
  • Ross Barrett
  • Charles Boylan
  • Karen S. Bowden
  • John Dafoe
  • Alan Dutton
  • Chief Ian Campbell
  • Jonathan Faille
  • Geordie Harrower
  • Robert Higgins
  • Michael Hurwicz
  • William Huston
  • Dr. Tony Ingraffea
  • Greenpeace
  • Kylie Hutchinson
  • Eoin Madden
  • Dennis Olson
  • Eric Peterson
  • Khelislem Rivers
  • Tim Sars
  • Vera Scroggins
  • Ruth Simons
  • Xenoa Skinteh
  • Bonnie Smith
  • Joe Stanton
  • Dr. Sandra Steingraber
  • John Stonier
  • Johan Stroman
  • Dr. David Suzuki
  • Rex Weyler
  • Michael Wilson
  • Athabasca Chipewyan First Nation
  • Burnaby Residents Against Kinder Morgan Expansion City of Burnaby
  • Friends of the the San Juans
  • Future of Howe Sound Society
  • Georgia Strait Alliance
  • Hakai Institute
  • Keepers of the Athabasca
  • Marine Life Sanctuaries Society Musqueam First Nation
  • Raincoast Conservation Foundation Raincoast Research Society
  • Sechelt First Nation
  • Squamish First Nation
  • Sunshine Conservation Association Sunshine Coast Salmonoid Society Tsleil-Waututh Nation Sacred Trust Vancouver Unitarian Church
  • Wilderness Committee Centre for Whale Research
Joan Phillip speaking after the Kelowna screening. Photo credit: Naomi Bothe.

Inquiries and information:

Copyright, Sarama, 2017
All rights reserved.
No reproduction without permission

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