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Donate: Help fund this film

Our crowdfunding project has finished, but you can still help independent filmmaker Sarama with production costs and with distribution. Use the button below to make a donation to Sarama’s work.

Many thanks!

4 thoughts to “Donate: Help fund this film”

  1. Hi Sarama,
    We gave a donation to the film last year and want to know if you are registeed so that we may deduct the amount from our taxes.

    1. Dear Mikal,
      I replied to you earlier sometime ago via email, but just to make sure you get this message, I’m replying here as well. I’m very sorry to say that the film project is not a registered charity. I really wish it could have been, but no organization stepped up, so it didn’t happen, unfortunately.

      My apologies for this. Thank you again for your generous donation, it really made a difference in helping to pay down the expenses!
      Warm regards,

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