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Defend Our Climate rally

The Defend Our Climate Rally was held on May 10, 2014, at Sunset Beach park in Vancouver, and there were several thousands of people attending, including a good contingent from the Sunshine Coast.

There were many fine speakers, but a couple who stuck out for me was Ta’ ah Amy George, who, at one point, said “We’re protectors, not protesters!”.

Also, Kate Hodgson, a grade 11 student form Kitsilano High School, in Vancouver, and a member of Kids For Climate Action. Here is just a brief quote from what she said:

I learned that climate change was hurting people all around the world, and will only continue to do so. When I learned this, I was scared, and I was angry that the Harper Government didn’t seem to care about the world that I would be inheriting.

There was some great music, there was a “bicycle corral”, where people could securely leave their bikes, and there was also an electric car demonstration near the bikes, with owners in attendance to answer questions. John Stonier (, gave me a very informative interview on electric cars. People biked, walked, and took public transit to the event.

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