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About Sarama

From his first one man show of photographs in 1974, A Latin American Journey, at the Kelowna Art Gallery, through his underwater video work, and his sculpture exhibits, Sarama’s art demonstrates his interest in the environment and social justice.
In sculpture, experimenting with both realistic and abstract free forms, he works in bronze, clay, wood, marble, cast stone, and mixed media.
For the last forty years he has regularly exhibited his work in both individual and group shows, and his sculptures and photographs are in public and private collections.
In video and film, he has worked both as an actor, and behind the camera, in narrative work as well as documentary.
He has done freelance camera work for CHBC-TV, Global-TV, Nippon-TV, as well as independent productions.

Sarama diving at Ogden Point
Sarama diving at Ogden Point

In 1996 Sarama directed and produced a short feature, “Limbo” that combined both narrative and documentary elements, examining social dysfunction, and what elements are regarded as being success.
In 2012 Sarama produced and directed a short film, This Living Earth at Gospel Rock, a meditation on beauty in the natural world, still being viewed world-wide on Youtube and Vimeo.
Sarama lives in Gibsons Landing, where he continues to work in sculpture, photography, and film making, and exploring the seas and the underwater world.