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This Living Salish Sea in Sechelt, September 16, 2017, 2pm at the Raven's Cry Theatre

Sechelt screening – Raven’s Cry Theatre Sat Sept 16, 2pm

Fall screening in Sechelt will be at the Raven’s Cry Theatre, Saturday September 16 at 2pm. Admission by donation at the door. Q & A with the director following the film.

Exploring the rich bio-diversity of our local waters, diver and environmental activist Sarama shows us the ecosystem we are trying to protect from inappropriate industrial development. Glorious underwater footage and talks with environmentalists, scientists, and First Nations, reveal the evolving story of our Salish Sea.

2017 Canada, 95min, documentary. Directed by Sarama. Rated PG.

This Living Salish Sea – Trailer 2017 from Oceanus on Vimeo.

One thought to “Sechelt screening – Raven’s Cry Theatre Sat Sept 16, 2pm”

  1. A must see for all who live near the Salish Sea and those who don’t! Our world is inter-connected to all beings ~ living ~ and Spiritual too!

    Thank you for making this vital film ~ hopefully those in power or have authority will think twice or three times before they agree to destroying Mother Earth!

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