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This Living Salish Sea

This film explores the living treasures of the Salish Sea and the powerful undercurrents of resistance to the corporate fossil fuel agenda that threaten it.

The Salish Sea is one of the flash points and metaphors for issues affecting the environmental diversity and ecological sustainability that will severely impact future generations, world wide.

This film will be a look below the mirror of the surface, to explore some of the living treasures that inhabit the second largest “inland” sea in North America. It will also be a look below the mirror of society to explore powerful undercurrents of resistance welling up, in this time when humanity faces a crisis, and a crossroad.

Amy George & Elders at the Healing Walk
Amy George & Elders at the Healing Walk

This film follows the rising tide of awakening in mainstream communities as they join forces with First Nations, in resistance to plans by multibillion dollar corporations to force through pipelines and tankers carrying tar sands oil, fracked liquid natural gas and thermal coal shipments. This film will look at how everyday people are resisting unhealthy development and  making positive changes in their own lives, through real, practical solutions.

This is a film about beauty, about hope, and about the great spirit of humanity working together to make this a better world.


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    1. Pauline Le Bel, thanks so much for your thoughtful and caring response to my film and your writing in your wonderful book, Whale in the Door!

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